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Matt Weinstock, Nov. 17, 1960

  Nov. 17, 1960, Comics  

Nov. 17, 1960: Matt Weinstock discovers “2,000 Years With Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.” “A wildly creative ad-libber who wrote for Sid Caesar for 10 years, Brooks could well become the hottest satirist in town,” Weinstock says.

DEAR ABBY: The company psychologist told my husband that he has an IQ bordering on "genius." Consequently, no one can live with him anymore. Everyone else, in his opinion, is now "stupid," "infantile" or "lame-brained." (I am included). He belittles me in front of the children. Ninety percent of the time he is a wonderful husband and loving father. He has a brilliant future with a well-known company and we have all the material things I could hope for, but his mental "superiority" is causing me heartaches.

And more on Clark Gable….

  Nov. 17, 1960, Weinstock  
Nov. 17, 1960, Gable
Nov. 17, 1960, Abby

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Wondering why Gable died so long after his heart attack, seemingly recovering. Dr Larry, has it ever been diagnosed? What do they do differently today that would have saved him then? With that treatment, he could have lived another 30 years. Feel sure it was something relatively simple.


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