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‘Ma Perkins,’ ‘Amos ‘n’ Andy’ Signing Off Radio

  Nov. 26, 1960, Ma Perkins  

Nov. 26, 1960: CBS cancels four radio soap operas: “Ma Perkins,” “Dr. Jerry Malone,” “The Right to Happiness” and “The Second Mrs. Burton.” Also canceled: “Amos ‘n’ Andy.”

A Times editorial said: “Daytime radio is retrenching. There will be more news, more music, more personalities, more variety. But the soap operas will no longer fill the morning hours. The CBS network is closing out the last of them, although the newer, brighter detergent operas will still fill hours of television time.”

Virginia Payne, the voice of Ma Perkins, tells Times radio columnist Don Page: "We just finished doing the 7,000th broadcast. I can't believe it will end. It is one of the last bits of Americana left."

Listen:  “Ma Perkins,”  “Right to Happiness” and “Amos ‘n’ Andy.”

  Nov. 23, 1960, Soap Operas

  Nov. 20, 1960, Ma Perkins  

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A few series remained on CBS radio post-1960. "Gunsmoke," the brilliant western starring William Conrad as Marshal Dillon, ended its nine-year run in June 1961. "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" and the 20-year-old anthology "Suspense" hung on a bit longer, expiring on Sept. 30, 1962.

Anncr (Dan Donaldson): Now, CBS Radio brings you...Ma Perkins. (Pause) Well, what could be more appropriate today than to turn back the clock to Thanksgiving dinner? Ma and the family have so much to give thanks for.......
in the kitchen we find Fay, and Evey, and Ma. Listen......
(from the final broadcast)


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