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Kennedy Demolishes Axiom on Catholics and the White House

November 10, 2010 |  4:10 am

  Nov. 10, 1960, Comics

Nov. 10, 1960: A Times editorial has some tips for incoming President John F. Kennedy -- he of the “terrifying campaign promises” -- on how to run the nation.

"Now we hope -- we must hope -- that the frowning mountain of responsibility will compel him to postpone the fulfillment of those promises until he has attended to the security of the United States and, as a corollary of our own security, that of the non-Communist world." The editorial is unsigned but I would guess it’s by Richard Nixon flag-waver Kyle Palmer, who often contributed to the editorial page in addition to covering politics.

And on the jump,  a UPI story examines the role of Kennedy’s Catholicism in the election.

  Nov. 10, 1960, Kennedy and Catholicism  

  Nov. 10, 1960, Editorial