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Kennedy Leads Nixon in Gallup Poll

  Nov. 4, 1960, Kennedy  
  Los Angeles Times file photo  

  Nov. 5, 1960, Nixon Editorial  

Nov. 4, 1960: John F. Kennedy makes a campaign appearance in Amarillo, Texas, and The Times publishes a Page 1 editorial backing Richard Nixon.

On the jump, the latest Gallup Poll, conducted in late October,  finds likely voters shifting to Kennedy-Johnson 51%-45% over Nixon-Lodge.

"As far as attitudes toward the man are concerned, it may be that the series of four TV debates has been a decisive factor in the 1960 campaign," George Gallup wrote.

"The sentiment among those who watched the debates was that Kennedy did a better job. In addition, during the period in which the four debates were conducted, enthusiasm for Nixon fell off."

Also on the jump, introducing the vice president at a rally at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium: Nixon Democrat Ronald Reagan.

  Nov. 4, 1960, Reagan  

  Nov. 4, 1960, Gallup Poll
Nov. 4, 1960, Gallup Poll

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