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Kennedy Leads 1% in Final Poll

November 7, 2010 |  1:38 am


  Nov. 7, 1960, Cover

Nov. 7, 1960: Ernie Bushmiller is almost never topical – in fact it would be easy to transpose panels of “Nancy” from one decade to another. But here’s Sluggo, dressed in his outfit from the 1930s, commenting on the 1960 presidential race.

The Gallup Poll gives Sen. John F. Kennedy a slight edge … and The Times runs a Page 1 editorial by

Publisher Norman Chandler urging readers to vote for Vice President Richard Nixon: “Tuesday you will cast a ballot for the next president of the United States. Will it be marked by you as a thinking American -- or as the spellbound fan of a current television personality?”

And here’s a real surprise. The Times suspends “Rex Morgan, M.D.” at the request of a family whose child has leukemia because the cartoon’s plot line deals with the disease.   

  Nov. 7, 1960, Cover

Nov. 7, 1960, Gallup Poll

Nov. 7, 1960, Rex Morgan