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Found on EBay – W.C. Fields

  Jan. 3, 1947, Fields' Funeral

Hattie Fields Letter A letter attributed to Harriet “Hattie” Fields, who was married to W.C. Fields, has been listed on EBay. The vendor says that the letter was written to a member of the McIntyre and Heath comedy team. Bidding starts at $35.

On the jump, The Times’ account of W.C. Fields’ funeral. On orders of Mr. Fields' son, Carlotta Monti “was not to be admitted until the crypt was sealed,” The Times said. Note the sad vignette about a member of the old vaudeville team of Jimmy Duffy and Fred Sweeney coming to pay his respects.


W.C. Fields’ Cadillac for Sale, 2009

McIntyre and Heath on the Daily Mirror

  Jan. 3, 1947, W.C. Fields  

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Comments (2)

Note in the article Carlotta announced on the spot her wristwatch, a gift from WC, had stopped as he was entombed.

Also the little man in the dirty clothing looking for Fields' grave. A lot of drama at the end.

Edgar Bergen's words of the eulogy are so true,"He knew that happiness depended on disposition, not position." How true! Thanks to the long ago Times writer who jotted the eulogy down. This article is well written and touching.


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