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Voices -- Martin Aguirre


  Feb. 26, 1929, Martin Aguirre  

Meet Martin Aguirre, one of the most fascinating figures I have come across in quite a while. He was a bailiff in courtroom of Judge George Hutton in the Clarence Darrow trial, and led a most interesting life, having been warden at San Quentin, a constable and  sheriff. He never carried a gun, preferring a Bowie knife.  Among his many heroic acts was saving 19 people during the 1886 flood of the Los Angeles River.

  Feb. 26, 1929, Martin Aguirre  

  Feb. 26, 1929, Martin Aguirre  

  Feb. 26, 1929, Martin Aguirre  


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Comments (2)

i was wondering who are the warden NOW that are running our prison in california?
who are running the prisons in california?
nice article

wow. What a man.


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