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Violent Brawl Averted in Darrow Trial

June 26, 1912, Darrow Trial

June 26, 1912, Darrow Trial

June 25, 1912: And here we have the battle of the inkwell in the trial of Clarence Darrow. Dist. Atty. John D. Fredericks loses his temper and tries to throw a four- or five-pound inkwell at defense attorney Horace Appel over “a succession of sneers and covert attacks.” Defense attorney Earl Rogers and bailiff Martin Aguirre prevent Fredericks from throwing the inkwell, with Rogers suffering a deep gash to the wrist.

It was followed by another outburst the next day by Rogers:

June 26, 1912, People Vs. Darrow

Fredericks’ remarks are on the jump.

 June 25, 1912, People vs. Darrow

People vs. Darrow, June 25, 1912

June 25, 1912, People Vs. Darrow

June 25, 1912, People vs. Darrow
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