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The Story of ‘Stiff-Neck Ben’

October 9, 2010 |  2:18 am

Aug. 5, 1906, Poker

Aug. 5, 1906, Poker

I ran across a reference to “Stiff-Neck Ben” Boynton in the transcripts of the Clarence Darrow trial. In 1906, he was running the biggest poker game in town, according to The Times,  at 144 S. Main St.

“In the center of the room, which is about 15 feet square, is a round table which will seat about seven persons at one time. There is a bright electric light shining directly down upon the green cloth. The rest of the room is in semi-darkness and all that can be seen at first glance is seven tense white faces in a circle, showing ghastly in the strong glare. “

Aug. 5, 1906, Poker

Aug. 5, 1906, Poker