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Matt Weinstock, Oct. 26, 1960

  Oct. 26, 1960, Comics  

Oct. 26, 1960: Matt Weinstock says, “When he receives a letter with the stamp cancellation ‘Report Obscene Mail to Your Postmaster,’ a troublemaker I know mails it back to the postmaster with the note, ‘What -- and spoil my fun?’ ”

DEAR ABBY: Ever since I can remember I wanted to play piano. My father laughed at me and said music was for sissies. He tried to get me interested in sports but I was never any good at it. (He was a good athlete). I took piano lessons at school and stayed evenings to practice there.

When my mother bought me a spinet last Christmas I became the world's happiest boy. My father became the world's most disappointed man. Abby, I love music and my teacher says I have talent. I know I have failed my father and I am sorry but what can I do to make it up to him? I am 14.

  Oct. 26, 1960, Matt Weinstock  
  Oct. 26, 1960, Abby  

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