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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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L.A.’s Dream Airport Nearing Reality



Oct. 10, 1960, Airport  

Oct. 10, 1960, Airport

Oct. 10, 1960: The Times takes a look at construction of Los Angeles’ Jet Age airport. The “Theme Building” will resemble a giant flying saucer and there will be a monorail called the Skylift to whisk passengers from one terminal to another.

  Oct. 10, 1960, Comics

I’ll bet you think the rest of the strip would explain this panel. You would be wrong.

Oct. 10, 1960, Airport
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I loved the old Dick Tracy strip, Larry. The long storyline of the Flat Top saga, which came around '59 or '60 in my memory, was bone-chilling brilliant to my 9 or 10-year old mind. I doubt it's suffered in the 5 decades since.

I remember the sequence of the fire, which i think ran 2 weeks, every day a different look, a different angle, without a word-balloon, as Tracy and the rest searched for a glimpse of evidence Flat Top was inside the building. GREAT use of the medium of the comic strip to tell what was a psychologically gripping story (you'd have to see it).

Sound of the Future:

MALE VOICE: "The White Zone is for passenger loading and unloading only. Please do not park there."

FEMALE VOICE: "The White Zone is for passenger loading and unloading only. Please do not park there."...

In tandem, endlessly repeated twenty-four/seven with a run of about thirty some years.

Who could forget.


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