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Found on EBay – What Actors Eat When They Eat!

October 25, 2010 |  5:30 pm

What Actors Eat
Certain books with a Los Angeles or Hollywood connection have taken on ridiculous prices -- “Thicker ‘n’ Thieves” comes to mind – and this is another item that usually carries an inflated price, although I have never seen it this high.

Lymanhouse was a small Los Angeles publisher that went out of business during World War II after releasing about two dozen books,  including “They Call Them Camisoles.” The most common Lymanhouse item on EBay is “What Actors Eat When They Eat!” which is a collection of recipes from the late 1930s (W.C. Fields provides his method of making brandied peaches).

The vendor has listed this book at $195 or Buy It Now for $300. Even inscribed to Times columnist E.V. Durling, it’s not worth that kind of money.