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Mt. Bassett Revisited

September 11, 2010 |  2:47 am

As a footnote to my previous post, I thought it would be valuable to list some of the people Jim Bassett interviewed for his ill-fated book on the Los Angeles Times. I’m not sure this is complete, but it’s a start. One of the more interesting is Kyle Palmer, who was dead by the time Bassett began his book, but was evidently interviewed by Robert L. Knutson, who was then the head of USC’s Special Collections. I had no idea Bassett interviewed Ronald Reagan and Earl Warren:

Wot’s this? Along with Kyle Palmer (60 pages), USC has interviews with Aldous Huxley, William Inge and Christopher Isherwood.

Erwin Baker
William Bastedo
Earl C. Behrens
Mrs. Fletcher Bowron
Tom Bradley
Harry Brand
Robert Breckner
Edmund G. Brown (Sr., presumably)
Dorothy Chandler
Harrison Chandler
Norman Chandler
Otis Chandler
Murray Chotiner
George Cotliar
Lady Ruth Crocker
Earl Crowe
Robert Donovan
May Goodan
Carl Greenberg
Peggy Hamilton
Chester G. Hanson

Robert E.G. Harris
Arnold Haskell
Frank Haven
Robert W. Kenny
Robert Lobdell
Frank McCullouch
Mark Murphy
Jack Nelson
Robert Nelson
Kyle Palmer (Robert L. Knutson, USC)
Joseph Quinn
Ronald Reagan
Adela Rogers St. Johns
Ralph Shawhan
William Thomas
Earl Warren
Paul Weeks
Nick Williams
A.L. Wirin
Sam Yorty
Paul Ziffren
Paul Zimmerman