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Kennedy, Nixon, Agree on TV Debates

September 1, 2010 |  4:53 am


Sept. 1, 1960: Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Vice President Richard Nixon agree to a series of televised debates. The latest census shows that 88% of American homes have TV sets, in contrast to the 12% found in the 1950 census. In addition, 11% of U.S. homes have two or more sets and  “urban areas are 91% covered by television,”  The Times says.

Also on the jump, early movie actress Enid Markey, a leading lady in many Thomas Ince films before she left to pursue a stage career in New York, returns to Hollywood for a role in the TV show "Bringing Up Buddy."[She was Jane in the first Tarzan movie, starring Elmo Lincoln].

Sept. 1, 1960, Cover

Spet. 1, 1960, TV Scene