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The Incomparable Stan Freberg, II

Aug. 9, 1960, Stan Freberg

Aug. 9-10, 1960: Here are Parts 2 and 3 of Ursula Baumann’s profile of Stan Freberg.

"Mad Men" please take note: “I'm a bitter pill to Madison Avenue because I represent originality and freshness of approach -- the kind of thing that seldom sees the light of day in advertising. The best things done on Madison Avenue are still in the desk drawers of the copywriters who wrote them."

He says he would starve before he played Las Vegas. "I don't want to help people lose money they can't afford. And that's all an entertainer is there for -- to be a professional shill."

As for being a perfectionist: "The worst two phrases in the world today are 'It's good enough' and 'Nobody will know the difference.' If it isn't perfect -- or as close as you can make it -- it's NOT good enough. And somebody WILL know the difference."

Baumann says: Freberg credits much of his success to his meticulous craftsmanship, but adds: "It was chance and luck. And I think God has a lot to do with it -- I give God a lot of credit for my success."

Aug. 9, 1960, Stan Freberg

Aug. 9, 1960, Freberg

Aug. 10, 1960, Freberg

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Over 30 years in radio and TV, I've had the pleasure of meeting many superstars of radio, TV, music, big screen and literature. Stan Freberg--who I met in college, back in Pittsburgh in '87--was the only person I was ever truly in awe of. God bless him--he even signed my original copy of "St. George and the Dragonet", which I wouldn't give up for anything.

Ed Weigle
a guy who does commercials, movie trailers, narrations and you name it


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