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Striker Sentenced for Violating Picketing Law

August 11, 2010 |  1:53 am

Aug. 11, 1910, Elope

A woman runs off with a man who has no legs? Somebody at The Times had a grim sense of humor.


Aug. 11, 1910, Picketer

Aug. 11, 1910: A judge sentences E.P. Kreamer to a $50 [$1,136.94 USD 2009] fine or 50 days in jail for violating the anti-picketing ordinance. The next man facing trial was Carl Schultzer, a striking brewery worker, but jury selection went slowly, according to The Times and the Herald. 

Aug. 11, 1910, Picketing Case

Aug. 11, 1910, Pickets

Aug. 11, Picketing
Aug. 11, 1910: The Herald