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Movieland Mystery Photo

August 30, 2010 |  6:59 am

 Aug. 28, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Photograph by George Lacks / Los Angeles Mirror 

OK, here’s another picture of our mystery woman. And yes, the photo is from the Mirror files.

Update: On the jump, the identity of our mystery guest. Although she was an entertainer, she’s not exactly like our other folks. She has quite a story, though, especially if you have never read about her. I thought she would be a nice change of pace for noir fans who may be a little weary of  The Times bombing.

Here’s our weekend mystery guest. I like to keep things more informal on the weekends so I’ll post all the comments as they come in rather than waiting.

This week’s mystery guest was Aline MacMahon. Her mystery companions were: Marie Nordstrom in Sid Grauman’s stage production of “Once in a Lifetime,” Kaufman and Hart’s satire on Hollywood; Guy Kibbee;  an unidentified fellow; and Robert Knapp, who appeared with her on stage in "The Madwoman of Chaillot."

Mystery Photo
Photograph by George Lacks / Los Angeles Mirror

Dec. 2, 1954, Angel Face

Dec. 2, 1954: Roger Whittier lies dead on the stage of the Follies Burlesque Theater, having written a message to “Angel Face,” his name for Loretta Miller.

Dec. 2, 1954, Angel Face

Dec. 2, 1954, Angel Face