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Matt Weinstock, Aug. 17, 1960

August 17, 2010 |  3:19 pm

Aug. 17, 1960, Comics

Aug. 17, 1960: A motorist wins a battle over a parking ticket (it wasn’t filled out properly) … and one Whittier market has such a problem with kids stealing cigarettes it doesn’t even bother to report them.

CONFIDENTIAL TO UPSET MOTHER: The least lovable child needs the most love. Force yourself.

Also on the jump: Some employers are switching to staggered work hours in an attempt to ease traffic on the freeways. Yes, this is 1960 and yes, freeway traffic was a problem 50 years ago.  And yes, this is when Los Angeles still had streetcars (d 1963).

Aug. 17, 1960, Matt Weinstock

Aug. 17, 1960, Abby