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From the Archives

August 10, 2010 |  1:34 pm

Photograph by Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

My friends on the photo desk have started a terrific blog featuring images from the archives. Here’s Boris Yaro’s famous photograph of the 1968 shooting of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel.

Boris writes: I had gone to the Ambassador Hotel on my own with the idea of making a photo of Bobby Kennedy for my wall. The idea went further than I had expected.

When the shooting started I thought someone was tossing firecrackers because I was being hit in the face with debris. I grew up playing with fireworks, and this was not an unusual thing to happen.

Then the crowd parted, and I watched in horror as Sirhan emptied his revolver at Robert Kennedy. I had my camera at chest level, but I didn’t make a photo during the shooting.  It was dark, and I think I was afraid.

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