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Brave Officer Halts Runaway Horse

August 2, 2010 |  1:18 am

 Aug. 2, 1910, Runaway Horse

Aug. 2, 1910, Officer Green

Aug. 2, 1910: Patrolman R.M. Green was directing traffic at 3rd and Main streets when a runaway horse pulling a light wagon plunged toward the intersection. Green jumped into the back of the wagon and made his way to the driver’s seat and then onto the horse’s back, halting the animal.

"A dozen collisions were narrowly averted and people fled in terror from the path of the runaway, only to turn on the sidewalk and stare in amazement at the strange spectacle of this man in blue hanging over the neck of the horse, much as a mountain lion would have done," The Times said.

 Aug. 2, 1910, Runaway Horse