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Blanche Stuart Scott: Aviation Pioneer


July 24, 1910, Blanche Stuart Scott

July 24, 1910: Blanche Stuart Scott in the San Francisco Call.

Aug. 6, 1910, Blanche Stuart Scott 

Aug. 6, 1910: Vassar College student Blanche Stuart Scott caps off a cross-country auto trip with a spin in a Farman biplane. She later became one of America’s first female fliers and took part in the 1912 Aviation Meet in Los Angeles.

"I quit flying professionally in 1916," she said in 1955. "It broke my heart, but it made my mother happy." In 1948, with Chuck Yeager at the controls, she became the first American woman to ride in a jet, according to an online biography. The Times evidently did not publish an obituary when she died in 1970.

July 31, 1910, Blanche Stuart Scott

July 31, 1910: Nervy Vassar Maids!

Jan. 19, 1912, Blanche Stuart Scott

Jan. 19, 1912: Blanche Stuart Scott in a photo announcing the Aviation Meet at Dominguez Field.

Oct. 5, 1955, Blanche Stuart Scott

Oct. 5, 1955, Blanche Stuart Scott

Oct. 5, 1955: Blanche Stuart Scott is looking for relics of the early days of aviation as a consultant for the U.S. Air Force Museum.
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This item caught our attention. As much as we'd love to embrace Blanche Stuart Scott's accomplishments as those of a Vassar College alumna, all our research shows she never even attended the college. Truth be told, for many decades the term "Vassar Girl" more generically referred to all varieties of accomplished and courageous young women, and that seems to have been the case in the media accounts your blog cites.

Jeff Kosmacher
Director of Media Relations & Public Affairs
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY


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