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13 Die When B-25 Hits Empire State Building, July 29, 1945


July 29, 1945, Empire State Building

July 29, 1945: “For two minutes the pinnacle of the chromium-girt Empire State stood out sharp and clear in the drizzle while orange-red flames licked around. Then the soft fog closed in again to hide the scene from the horrified sight of thousands of midtown office workers who had rushed to the windows at the sound of the explosion, which echoed over central Manhattan like a blockbuster.”

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Nixon, Kennedy Agree to TV Debates

July 29, 1960, Nixon Lodge
Los Angeles Times file photo

Republican National Convention delegates cheer Lodge and Nixon. 

July 29, 1960: NBC Chairman Robert W. Sarnoff sends telegrams to John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon suggesting a series of televised debates. The debates will become one of the cultural milestones of the 1960s.

A Times editorial quotes Barry Goldwater: "This great Republican Party is our historic house .... I am proud to call myself a Republican as well as a conservative.... We must remember that Republicans have not been losing elections because of more Democrat voters. We have been losing elections because conservatives too often fail to vote."

On the jump, Times Political Editor Kyle Palmer and James Reston of the New York Times assess the upcoming campaigns.
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Matt Weinstock, July 28, 1960

July 28, 1960, Comics

July 28, 1960: Matt Weinstock on Stephen Potter’s “One-Upmanship,” “Lifemanship” and the political trend of “growthmanship.”

CONFIDENTIAL TO S.K.: I don't blame career girls for resenting the expression "old maid." In my vocabulary there are no "old maids" -- just "unclaimed jewels," Abby says. 
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Paul Coates Is on Vacation

July 28, 1960, Mirror

July 28, 1960: Paul Coates is on vacation until Aug. 8

Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, July 28, 1941


July 28, 1941, Japan Terror Starts

July 28, 1941, Tom Treanor

Tom Treanor, who was killed covering World War II for The Times,  looks back at the use of dirigibles in the Great War.

July 28, 1941: Robert Cummings, a captain in the United States Air Corps Reserve, has been ordered to pack duffel for an emergency call to duty, Jimmie Fidler says.

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Eric Malnic

Eric Malnic
Photograph by Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times

Among Eric Malnic’s many accomplishments at The Times was becoming a specialist on airplane crashes and he was proud of getting a pilot’s license as part of the beat.

Former Times city editor and columnist Bill Boyarsky says:

The news of Eric's death, while not unexpected, is sad.  He fought hard to live. 

I met Eric when I came to the Times in 1970 and he was one of the young reporters and their families who greeted the Boyarskys, strangers from Sacramento, with  friendship, inviting us to parties, making us feel we were part of something.  Nancy and I often recall those days.  They were like our family.

We worked together over the years, drank at the Redwood and shared the camaraderie of a wonderful newsroom. I got to know Eric even better when I became city editor.  I was thrown into the job with limited editing and executive experience.  Eric was immediately most supportive with advice and with his excellent and steady work.  

He was covering the aviation industry and pursued those complex plane crash investigations with intensity, speed and great success.   He was, as you know, one of the great rewrites, and when there was a big story, Eric was there to do it. 

During the 2000 Democratic convention our then infant website wanted frequent updates from the streets and convention hall.   This was the new journalism that requiring the speed and skill of  the old journalism.   I asked Eric if he was interested.  He grabbed the assignment and whipped out his many updates quickly and accurately, with  the mixture of calm and excitement   required of a good rewrite person.  Ed Boyer, another top rewrite man, writer and editor, shared the assignment.  It was just great watching them work every day.

Eric's career reached  back to the old Times.  I'm sure he worked for Smoky Hale, the legendary old time city editor.  From there, he transitioned into the new Times of Bill Thomas, growing professionally, becoming a valued member of Thomas' eclectic collection of talents.  Through it all, Eric was the complete professional--loyal to the paper but never blindly, willing to undertake any assignment, considerate and fair to his colleagues, helpful to newcomers and young people on their way up. He represented the best in journalism.

Nixon for President!

July 28, 1960, Nixon and Pat
Los Angeles Times file photo

July 28, 1960: Republican presidential nominee Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat, wave to delegates.


Times editorial cartoonist Bruce Russell shows that Richard Nixon has experienced hair. I mean, is this a joke or what?  Readers must have been wondering what happened when Paul Conrad arrived at The Times.

July 28, 1960

July 28, 1960: The Times brings out an extra on Richard Nixon’s nomination at the Republican National Convention and publishes an editorial endorsing him.

On the jump, The Times’ cover, photos, Times Political Editor Kyle Palmer on Nixon and James Reston of the New York Times on President Eisenhower. 
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Matt Weinstock, July 27, 1960

July 27, 1960, Comics

July 27, 1960, Beckwith

July 27, 1960: Matt Weinstock on a man who found the County Jail’s drunk tank to be a friendly place.

CONFIDENTIAL TO A NEIGHBOR WHO IS WISE TO HER: A new broom sweeps clean. Buy one. And start with your own doorstep.
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Paul Coates Is on Vacation

July 27, 1960, Mirror Cover

July 27, 1960: Paul Coates is on vacation until Aug. 8.

Republicans Expand Policy on Civil Rights

July 27, 1960, Eisenhower Motorcade
Los Angeles Times file photo

President Eisenhower covers his head under a storm of confetti as he arrives in Chicago to address the Republican National Convention.

July 27, 1960, Goldwater

July 27, 1960: Vice President Richard Nixon wins some – but not all – of what he wants on a civil rights plank for his 1960 presidential campaign. Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater says: "If a liberal civil rights plank is adopted, the South will leave the party this year. I don't know what Nixon is thinking of. I don't think he can get elected if he keeps on doing what he is doing."

On the jump, the entire text of the Republicans’ revised civil rights statement, photos, and analysis by Times Political Editor Kyle Palmer and James Reston of the New York Times.
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Matt Weinstock, July 26, 1960

July 26, 1960, Comics

July 26, 1960: Is the standing ovation really necessary? Most of the time, it’s not, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO SORRY SARI: Next time a fellow asks you up to see his etchings, skip the art and look for the handwriting on the wall, Abby says.

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Political Cartoon by Charles Schulz

July 26, 1960, Mirror Cover

July 26, 1960: The “Peanuts” story line involved Lucy drawing a political cartoon and submitting it to a newspaper. Because readers never saw the cartoon, the Mirror asked artist Charles Schulz what it looked like. Here’s his answer.

Paul Coates is on vacation.

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