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Movieland Mystery Photo


Los Angeles Times file photo 

Update:  "Marjorie Bennett playing the movie struck maid in 'M'Lord, the Duke' at the Hollywood Playhouse," according to caption information on  a photo marked  March 4, 1934.

Please welcome Carmen as this week’s guest host for the mystery photos.  

Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday ... or on Saturday if I have a hard time picking only five pictures; sometimes it's difficult to choose. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again).

If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only reward is bragging rights. 

Last week’s mystery guest was Helen Parrish! The weekend mystery guests were Mark Damon and “Diane” Cannon!

There’s a new photo on the jump!

   July 27, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: "Marjorie Bennett plays Sister Bessie with John Carradine in ‘Tobacco Road’ at the Civic Playhouse," according to caption information on a photo marked April 9, 1954.

July 28, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: "Marjorie Bennett is featured in the new Harold Sherman stage comedy 'Hocus-Pocus,' which opens at Las Palmas Theatre on Wednesday night, June 6, with Walter Kingsford starred," according to caption information on an undated photo.

Here’s Wednesday’s photo of our mystery woman. Please congratulate Dewey Webb, Art Hockstader, Lee Ann, Thom and Megan, Nick Santa Maria, Julie Merholz, Don Danard and Pamela Porter for identifying her.

July 29, 2010, Mystery Photo
Photograph by Marianna Diamos / Los Angeles Times

Update: Marjorie Bennett with her cat Bobbe in a photo published Aug. 12, 1977.

Here's Thursday's photo of our mystery woman with a mystery pet! Please congratulate Mike Hawks and Mary Mallory for identifying her!

July 30, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Marjorie Bennett with Charlie Chaplin in a publicity still from “Limelight,” published Aug. 12, 1977.

Charlie Chaplin and Marjorie Bennett in “Limelight.”

Charlie Chaplin in “Limelight.”

There was some question among readers as to whether the mystery photo is from “Limelight” or “Monsieur Verdoux.” It’s marked “Limelight.” But for fun, here are screen grabs from “Limelight” showing Chaplin with Bennett, and Chaplin in the same costume that he’s wearing in the publicity still, although he has a cane in the movie and an umbrella in the still.   I went through the film, but couldn’t locate the scene shown in the publicity shot.

For Friday, here’s our mystery woman with two companions, one who may be a mystery and the other who is not.  Please congratulate Anne Papineau and Barbara Klein for identifying her.
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Comments (48)

Lucille Benson...and if not, whoever she is she was really lovely when young.

Marjorie Bennett?

Pert Kelton?

Marjorie Bennett

Probably way off here, but is it Clara Peller?

Clara Peller?

Charlie Chaplin and Mollie Glessing with Marjorie Bennett

The great Charlie Chaplin with Mollie Gessing and you know who!

Marjorie Bennett

Mollie Glessing & Chaplin

Marjorie Bennett. I've always liked her.

Marjorie Bennett?

It's Marjorie Bennett!

Very frustrating! I know her elder face, but was unable to deduce her name -- even though her company in 'Monsieur Verdoux' is Margaret Hamilton & Charles Chaplin.

Marjorie Bennett?

Marjorie Bennett! I finally got it when you ran the photo from Chaplin's "Limelight." I think it may be Molly Glessing as the lady on the left.

The film is MONSIEUR VERDOUX with Charlie Chaplin and I believe Ada May with Miss Bennett. I found stills of her in Thomas Ince' MIDNIGHT PATROL (1918) and NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY! (Paramount, 1918).

The movie is Limelight and Marjorie is shown with Charles Chaplin and I believe Mollie Glessing.

Marjorie Bennett.

Marjorie Bennett?

Larry -

Not commenting on the mystery star - but wondering when you'll be at Phillipe's again for a Saturday lunch.

Of course, it's Marjorie Bennett, but I vote with Mary Mallory that the movie is "Monsieur Verdoux" and not "Limelight" which makes the other maid Ada May and not Mollie Glessing.

I KNEW that face (pix w/cat) from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" as she was Victor Buono's ghastly mother.



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