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Movieland Mystery Photo

July 12, 2010 |  5:49 am

      July 5, 2010, Mystery Photo

Los Angeles Times file photo 

Update: Hampton Fancher III in a promotional photo for "Rome Adventure" stamped Dec. 5, 1963

Here’s our mystery fellow for the week. Our guest host is regular Daily Mirror reader Dewey Webb!
Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday ... or on Saturday if I have a hard time picking only five pictures; sometimes it's difficult to choose. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again).

If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only reward is bragging rights. 

Last week’s mystery guest was Constance Dowling and the fellow mourning the demolition of the Paramount Theater was bandleader Rube Wolf.

There’s a new photo on the jump!


July 6, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Fancher in another promotional picture for “Rome Adventure.”

Here’s Tuesday’s photo of our mystery guest with – that’s right – a painted tie. Please congratulate Jenny M, Mike Hawks and Pamela Porter for identifying him!

July 7, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: A news photo accompanying the story that Sue Lyon, 17, will marry actor Hampton Fancher III, 25, in a photo dated Dec. 3, 1963
For Wednesday, our mystery fellow has a (somewhat) mysterious companion. Please congratulate Carmen and Julie Merholz for identifying him!

July 8, 2010, Mystery Photo
Photograph by George R. Fry Jr. / Los Angeles Times

Update: Sue Lyon and Hampton Fancher III get a marriage license at the Santa Monica courthouse, Dec. 18, 1963.

Here’s another photo of our mystery guest with his (somewhat) mysterious companion. Looks like they’re going to get married! Please congratulate Pat in Michigan, Sue, Dru Duniway, Mary Mallory, La Peregrina, Rosalyn, RJ and Glen Frank for identifying him!

July 9, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Sue Lyon and Hampton Fancher III at the Santa Monica courthouse.

Yes, our mystery guest and his companion are getting married! Please congratulate Lee Ann Bailey, Patricia van Hartesveldt, Steve Stoliar, Sandy, Allison Francis, Benito, Candy C, Barbara Klein, Dennis Aimino, Rosemarie, LC, Hockey Kevin, Stacia and Pam Sowers for identifying them!