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Matt Weinstock, July 25, 1960

July 25, 2010 |  3:14 pm

Juy 25, 1960, Comics

July 25, 1960: The Mirror overhauls its comics lineup and layout, introducing Johnny Hart’s “B.C.,” Cal Alley’s “The Ryatts” and Bill Hoest’s “My Son John.” Gone are “Priscilla’s Pop,” “Out Our Way” “Day Shift” and “Earth People.” Coming up in August, the Mirror will change its nameplate as part of a gradual redesign. 

Matt Weinstock writes about a trial in which jurors found a driver guilty of killing a pedestrian after reenacting the incident (which you’re not supposed to do, folks!)

CONFIDENTIAL TO PARENTS IN A QUANDARY: Give your daughter the same educational advantages as your son. An old Chinese proverb -- and a good one to apply: "To raise a son without learning is raising an ass; to raise a daughter without learning is raising a pig."

July 25, 1960, Matt Weinstock

July 25, 1960, Abby