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Matt Weinstock, July 20, 1960

July 20, 2010 |  2:22 pm

July 20, 1960, Comics

July 20, 1960: Speaking at a meeting of property tax protesters, one Brentwood homeowner said: "My assessed valuation has been increased 179 3/4%. My taxes will now be more than my mortgage payments. I think we should protest on a moral basis," Matt Weinstock says. 

DEAR ABBY: "With vacation near, my husband and I are disagreeing over his friendship with a young, single neighbor. She has a cottage near ours and gets my husband there on various pretexts -- 'stopped-up drains,' 'blown fuses,' etc. Once he's there, she takes his time discussing her problems (boyfriends, business, family) with him. Since he hasn't enough time to listen to MY problems, or to fix my drain or replace my fuses, how can he justify giving his time to this single woman?"

July 20, 1960, Weinstock 

July 20, 1960, Abby