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Medical Miracle Saves Killer

July 18, 2010 |  2:05 am

July 18, 1910, Buster Luitweiler

July 18, 1910, Luitweiler


July 18, 1910: George C. Luitweiler wanted to sell his home at 1134 State St. so he could get money to be treated for tuberculosis. When his wife disagreed, he shot her to death and wounded her sister, then went upstairs to kill himself with cyanide. 

Because the family lived near County Hospital, doctors were able to revive Luitweiler. In 1911, he was found insane and sent to Patton hospital, but he escaped in May 1912, The Times said.

It’s unclear what became of their son, Samuel Henry “Buster” Luitweiler. A news account in the Herald says his grandmother filed papers to become his guardian, but his name doesn’t appear in any online death index.

July 18, 1910, Lutweiler

July 18, 1910, Luitweiler