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Covering Hollywood in the Days of Hedda and Louella

July 3, 1980, Brubaker
Hey, remember “Brubaker?”

July 3, 1980: For its 52nd anniversary, the Hollywood Women’s Press Club takes a look at the evolution of covering the entertainment industry.  “We did not write scandal," says Harriet Parsons, daughter of columnist Louella Parsons. “We did not write sensational stuff like the fan magazines have done in recent years. We wrote gossip. It was all very whipped cream and upbeat, flattering to the stars.”

July 3, 1980, Hollywood Women's Press Club
July 3, 1980, Hollywood Women's Press Club

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If Lolly Pop and her ilk were all "whipped cream and upbeat" then I'm Clark Gable. When I was a copy boy I used to drive my little green 1948 Chevy to Parson's Spanish-style manse in Beverly Hills and wait for her to finish her copy so I could take it back to the office (no fax machines, then). She was a great tipper, especially at Christmastime. We copy guys (no copy girls, then) were given some small bits of the loot she got from all the terrified stars and flacks out there. But truth be told, she tried to cut a certain actor's guts out and chopped up plenty of others. And Hedda the Mad Hatter was worse.

Stars were probably the same trash they are today but we could have our illusions. Now its the most degrading discussing that wins attention, until the overdose finally removes them from the dog and pony show of today!


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