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13 Die When B-25 Hits Empire State Building, July 29, 1945


July 29, 1945, Empire State Building

July 29, 1945: “For two minutes the pinnacle of the chromium-girt Empire State stood out sharp and clear in the drizzle while orange-red flames licked around. Then the soft fog closed in again to hide the scene from the horrified sight of thousands of midtown office workers who had rushed to the windows at the sound of the explosion, which echoed over central Manhattan like a blockbuster.”

July 29, 1945, Empire State Building


July 29, 1945, Empire State Building

July 29, 1945, Empire State Building
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There is a photo of the B-25 bomber wedged into the side of the Empire State Building, taken from above. As I recall, somebody had to hold the photographer's feet while he slithered out a window, facing downward, with presumably a Speed Graphic in his hands. Did The Times not use the photo? It was an AP photo but I don't know if a local New York City newspaper photog actually shot it.


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