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The Brave Projectionist

June 25, 2010 |  1:18 am

 June 25, 1910, Projectionist

June 25, 1910: F.A. Horton had been working for about a week as a projectionist at the Art Theater, 508 S. Broadway, when a length of nitrate film caught fire. "The film ignited with a flash and the fire raced down into the magazine and followed the ribbon along the floor of the steel-lined, asbestos-padded operating room," The Times said.

Horton grabbed the burning film and put it in a corner, then slammed the door of the steel-lined projection booth before four more reels of film caught fire. The audience filed out of the theater so calmly that not a single chair was upset. Horton was taken to the receiving hospital and treated for an injured hand, The Times said. 

On the jump, it’s Wunderhose Day! And the local Hebrew Benevolent Society has been asked to take part in a nationwide effort to help 300 Jews immigrating from Russia, but officials say they can’t help. "We do not feel that we can encourage the importation of any unskilled labor at this time. We are taking care of as many industrious Hebrews as we can find employment for, and until the industrial situation in this section improves, we must proceed carefully," A.M. Norton says. 

June 25, 1910, Wunderhose

June 25, 1910, Russian Jews

June 25, 1910, Projectionist