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Nixon Rejects 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' Labels

June 21, 1960, Nixon

June 21, 1960: E.W. Darby of the Chicago Sun-Times says  Vice President Richard Nixon is "impatient with such labels" as "conservative," "liberal" or "progressive conservative."

"I think it is difficult to categorize people in public life with terms like liberal and conservative because those terms have been distorted by usage and practice," Nixon says.

On the jump, see the new Corvair Monza!

June 21, 1960, Corvair

June 21, 1960, Nixon

June 21, 1960, Nixon

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Richard Milhaus "I am not a crook" Nixon. Until George Bush, Jr. came along, he had managed to displace Millard Fillmore for worst.

I had a Corvair Monza with "sports-car-like bucket seats" and a "sumptuous" interior and four on the floor. I loved it, especially for its "ground gripping traction." (I never had any control problems.) Of course, the engine blew up three times on me. But after driving a boxy, clunky three-on-the-tree 1955 Chevy it was a dreamboat. Then, when I had 100,000 miles on the Monza a Chevy mechanic told me they couldn't fix the car's front end problems. So, in 1965, I bought a Toyota. Do they still make Chevys?


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