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Movieland Mystery Photo

June 14, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo 

  As nearly everyone realized, this is Evelyn Nesbit, the subject of a recent Paul Coates column
Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday ... or on Saturday if I have a hard time picking only five pictures; sometimes it's difficult to choose. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again).

If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only reward is bragging rights. 

The answer to last week's mystery star is Madge Bellamy!

There’s another photo on the jump!

  June 15, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: This is Evelyn Nesbit and ex-husband Jack Clifford in a photo marked June 24, 1917.

Here’s Tuesday’s photo of our mystery guest with a mystery companion. And it turns out she’s not much of a mystery. Nearly everybody has identified her! Please congratulate Steve Stoliar, CatM, Mary Mallory, Evelyn, Eve Golden, Anne Papineau, Mark Heimback-Nielsen, Mike Hawks, Gregory Moore, Arye Michael Bender, Virginia Hollender, Benito, Virginia Jauregui, Jenny M, Ronald Emmis, Sarah, Anna, Sue, Pete Nowell and Dennis Gilliam.

June 16, 2010, Mystery Photo 
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Evelyn Nesbit and former husband Harry K. Thaw in a photo marked June 9, 1926.

For Wednesday, we have our mystery guest with a mystery companion. Please congratulate Stacia, Claire Lockhart, Pamela Porter and Dewey Webb for identifying her and congratulate Mary Mallory and Sarah for identifying Tuesday's mystery companion.

June 17, 2010, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Evelyn Nesbit and Joan Collins on the set of "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" in a photo marked July 24, 1955. "Miss Nesbit is confined to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital suffering from severe gastric attack," according to the caption information.

And for Thursday, our mystery guest has a mystery companion – although I suppose just about everyone is going to identify this picture. I’m pleased that the Daily Mirror has such literate readers! Please congratulate Mark, Randy Skretvedt, La Peregrina, Patricia van Hartesveldt and Carol Gwenn for identifying her. And congratulate Gregory Moore and Randy Skretvedt for identifying Wednesday's mystery companion.

June 18, 2010, Mystery Photo
Photograph by Ed Lundberg / Los Angeles Times

Update: Evelyn Nesbit is "shown working over bust she created. She has booth at the ceramics show at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium," according to the caption information, dated July 30, 1954.

For Friday, here’s our mystery guest with some of her artwork! Please congratulate Julie Merholz, Cold in PHX and Rick Scott for identifying our mystery woman. And congratulate Mary Mallory, Carol Gwenn, Mike Hawks, Arye Michael Bender,  Steven Moshlak and Randy Skretvedt  for identifying her mystery companion.

June 21, 2010, Mystery Photo
Photograph by George R. Fry / Los Angeles Times

The sparsely attended funeral of Evelyn Nesbit at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Brentwood, Jan. 20, 1967.
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Comments (66)

Isadora Duncan?

Evelyn Nesbit (Thaw)?

evelyn nesbit

Posing on that tiger, she reminds me of Barbara Feldon (Rrrrrrrrrow!)

evelyn nesbit...damn i might have shot sanford white too

Evelyn Nesbit Shaw

Oops ! I meant Evelyn Nesbit Thaw

Theda Bara?

Evelyn Nesbit

Is her Tuesday presenter Charles Gibson? Before 'Good Morning America', of course.

Evelyn Nesbit

The mystery companion is Jack Clifford.

Is this her dancing partner Jack Clifford?

Evelyn Nesbit

Evelyn Nesbit. I hope.

(I'm still stinging from not checking on last week's early enough to guess, because I knew that one for once!)

Ooohhh! Evelyn Nesbit, the girl on the velvet swing!

Harry K. Thaw?

I note that the first of the incorrect answers, listed in the comments for the Movieland Mystery photo, was Elizabeth McGovern, who actually played the mystery star in a movie.

Coco Chanel

Evelyn Nesbit.

Fanny Brice?

Why that is Evelyn Nesbit, the girl in the red velvet swing. Paula Uruburu has written a great book about her and "the crime of the century" called AMERICAN EVE.

Ah, it's Evelyn Nesbit, and I believe the gent with her in Wednesday's photo is her former husband, Harry Kendall Thaw. Is the fellow with her in Tuesday's photo Jack Clifford, her one-time dancing partner (and also former husband)?

Evelyn Nesbit

Here EN is with Joan Collins, who played her in the movie THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING.



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