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Mini Mystery Photo

June 12, 2010, Mystery Photo
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times
Update: This is artist Hugo Ballin and Marlene Dietrich in a photo stamped May 25, 1936, apparently during filming of “Garden of Allah.” I’m at a loss to explain her expression. 

Here’s our weekend mini-mystery photo…. The answer to this week’s mystery guest is Madge Bellamy!

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Comments (14)

When will you put up the captions under the Madge photos? Nice one today.

An artist stuffed into a suit and tie? A model with ennui? Looks as though he's propping her up to keep her from crashing into his easel.

Very interesting shot.

Tallulah Bankhead

the lady is a tired looking Marlene Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich, but I don't know the "artist".

Marlena Dietrich

Is it Marlene Dietrich and costume designer Ernest Dryden?

Come to think of it, the artist looks like Richard Dysart as the Art Director in the often overlooked film masterpiece by John Schlesinger, 'The Day of the Locust'.

Pondering even further, the entire still is from the 'Locust' era.

BTW: Anyone remember the character Donald Sutherland portrayed in the movie? His name was ... (DRUM ROLL) Homer Simpson!

Molly? MOLLY? Why, what an euphonious appellation.

This is a long shot, but is it Christian Dior and Marlene Dietrich? I know she loved his designs!

Okay, everybody got Dietrich. Is the artist John Decker?

La Dietrich and Paramount designer Travis Banton.

Why no captions under this or the Madge Bellamy photos? This is Hugh Ballin, the artist who created the murals in Griffith Observatory, the Wilshire Blvd. Temple, Burbank City Hall, and the L. A. Times lobby among others, drawing Dietrich as the color star of the year at Selznick International Pictures, to coincide with the release of Selznick's THE GARDEN OF ALLAH.


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