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Major Crimes Decline, LAPD Says

June 12, 2010 |  7:45 am

June 12, 1960, I'm No Good

“I’m No Good … No Good … No Good!”

June 12, 1960, LAPD

June 12, 1960: The LAPD, which has kept detailed statistics for decades, finds that major crimes declined 5.7% in 1959 after a three-year increase. Of the 3,124 people who applied to be officers, 256 joined the Police Department.

Also, a look at Israel’s trial of Adolf Eichmann on charges of war crimes. UPI writer Joseph W. Grigg says Eichmann was generally unknown until after the war, even in Germany, and The Times clips support that claim. As far as I can determine from ProQuest, Eichmann’s name didn’t appear in The Times until Jan. 4, 1946. That story is on the jump, along with a report on the execution of Lord Haw Haw. Below, an undated audio clip of Lord Haw Haw

June 12, 1960, LAPD

 June 12, 1960, Eichmann

Jan. 4, 1946, Nazi Trials

Jan. 4, 1946, Nazi Trials

Jan. 4, 1946, Lord Haw Haw