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Matt Weinstock, June 30, 1960

June 30, 1960, Comics

June 30, 1960: Matt Weinstock has an update on the case of Ida Gutierrez, who was wrongly accused of stealing a sweater. 

A reader asks: “Abby, would people think we were out of our minds if I went back to work and my husband quit his job to keep house? My boss keeps calling me. My husband says he would like the arrangement if it weren't for what people would say. We'd like your opinion.”
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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, June 30, 1960

June 30, 1960, Mirror Cover

June 30, 1960, Mary Lou Rogers
Mary Lou Rogers says she is in love with sex strangler Donald Kinman. "For 18 months I lived as Don's common-law wife," the comely divorcee said. "I never suspected that he was a sex strangler. A killer. Even though, seven times, he tried to garrote me," Paul Coates says. 
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Jimmie Fidler in Hollywood, June 30, 1941

June 30, 1941, Nazi Tank Wedge

June 30, 1941, London

June 30, 1941: UNIVERSAL'S 'ALMOST AN ANGEL' SET AT A GLANCE: Deanna Durbin phoning her cook between scenes to detail her dinner menu -- and looking very proud of her new housewife role, Jimmie Fidler says.

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Pinball Raids in South Gate

June 30, 1960, Swimsuits

Women’s swimsuits are on sale for $11.99 [$85.89 USD 2009].

June 30, 1960: Bad news for the Buzz Inn, 3025 Tweedy Blvd., and the Chug a Lug, 3042 Tweedy Blvd. And yes, the Chug a Lug is still there. It’s  now known as El Salon Juarez, according to Google maps.

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Fight of the Century Revisited

June 20, 1910, Swimsuits

Women’s bathing suits are on sale for $3.45 [$78.45 USD 2009].

June 30, 1910, Jack Johnson, Jim Jeffries

June 30, 1910: Jack London (yes, that Jack London) has the latest on the James Jeffries – Jack Johnson fight in Reno, coming up on the Fourth of July.  And railroad police report an increase in men riding the brake beams to see the prizefight.

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Found on EBay – Herald Examiner

Herald Examiner Jacket
Here’s an unusual fashion item: A jacket promoting the Herald Examiner (d. 1989). Bidding starts at $20.

Matt Weinstock, June 29, 1960

June 29, 1960, Comics

June 29, 1960: A young lady from Sweden wants to know why Americans, who have so much,  are so cynical, Matt Weinstock says.

CONFIDENTIAL TO BUZZ: Your friends sound like blisters. They show up after all the work has been done. There must be others who are worthier of your friendship. Look around, Abby says.

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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, June 29, 1960

June 29, 1960, Mirror Cover

June 29, 1960: Paul Coates gets a column out of a 30-second phone call about a man with a wife and eight children who dropped out and became a beatnik.

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Jimmie Fidler, June 29, 1940

June 29, 1940, Nazi-Russian Split
June 29, 1940, Willkie Home Look! It’s the boyhood home of GOP presidential nominee Wendell Willkie in Elwood, Ind.!

June 29, 1940: Boss, you should have shared our table the other night and listened in while Wayne and Bubbles Morris dished out baby advice to prospective parents Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, Jimmie Fidler’s staff says.

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Times Bombing Revisited

1st and Broadway, Los Angeles
Unless you have lived in Los Angeles quite a while, you probably only remember the northeast corner of 1st and Broadway as a deserted moonscape where a state building was once located. I’ve spent some time combining an 1890 Sanborn map and a satellite picture to show the precise location of Times Building No. 2, which was constructed in the 1880s and destroyed in the 1910 bombing.  (Note: I may be a little off in my calculations as to scale. This is my first attempt to combine layers of images this way).

As you can tell, the state structure was wedged onto the property next to Times Building No. 3, which was constructed to replace Times Building No. 2.  If you think it must have looked strange to have the building shoehorned in like that, you’re right. It did look really, really strange.

Times Building, 1937
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

The Times Building No. 3 and the state building as seen from Main and 1st streets in 1937.

Found on EBay -- Theda Bara and 'Salome'

Theda Bara Salome
Another still from the lost movie “Salome,” starring Theda Bara, has been listed on EBay. You may recall the one posted recently, which sold for $79. Bidding on this item starts at $16.66.

Matt Weinstock, June 28, 1960


June 28, 1960 Jimmie Adams was a ticket seller for the Pacific Electric and MTA for more than 40 years and remembered when the Red Cars went to Mt. Lowe and Mt. Wilson. He died the other day -- at the age of 56.

DEAR ABBY: Our milkman is a handsome young man about 30 and he's so nice I hate to hurt his feelings. I gave him my back door key to let himself in and put my milk in my refrigerator. My husband says the milkman is supposed to leave the milk outside the door. He is raising quite a fuss about it too.
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