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City to Renovate Downtown Park

June 21, 1910, Pershing Square

Central Park, which was renamed Pershing Square in November 1918.

June 21, 1910, Bad Language


June 26, 1907, a headline that will live in infamy.

June 21, 1910: William Hicks is fined $10 [$227.39 USD 2009] for using “shocking language” in the presence of women. At least he wasn’t using a telephone!

On the jump, city officials announce plans for Central Park, now known as Pershing Square. Among the considerations is eliminating seats  to “rid the park of loafers and agitators who have made it a rendezvous for years and impaired its usefulness to the general public.” A century later, Pershing Square is a concrete moonscape intended to – wait for it – repel the homeless.

Pershing Square

Pershing Square via Google Earth.

June 21, 1910, Pershing Square

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