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Wife Spanks Husband for Being a Drunk

June 15, 1910, Fashions

June 15, 1910, Hale's

June 15, 1910: Linen suits at Hale’s, $4.95 [$112.56 USD 2009]. On the jump, The Times has another court story in dialect, this time about Olaf Swanson and his drinking problems.

June 15, 1910, Drunk

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Comments (3)

Is this the same store that became Broadway-Hale, owner of The Broadway in so. Calif. and Emporium in no. Calif.?

June 15, 1910: Linen suits at Hale’s, $4.95 [$112.56 USD 2009].

Hmm... If I had five silver dollars, from that period, they'd be worth about $30 a piece, or $150.00 in today's money. If I had a Quarter Gold Eagle, it would be worth about $500, in today's money.

Larry, I say let's split the difference and let's make it $254 and change [ The mean of (112+150+500)/3 ]

Great hats! I want one of those. The dresses aren't too bad either. They're an equal opportunity offender in demeaning people of ethnicity or race I will say.


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