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U.S. Launches Spy Satellite

May 25, 2010 |  7:09 am

May 25, 1960, Midas Satellite 

May 25, 1960, Spy Satellite

May 25, 1960: The U.S. successfully launches a Midas satellite after a previous attempt failed. The Times editorialized that the satellites would make spy planes such as the U-2 obsolete. Which is why the Midas satellites became space junk and we’re still flying U-2s.

And on the jump, burglars at the Queen's Arms get more than they bargained for.

May 25, 1960, Queen's Arms

May 25, 1960, Spy Satellite


May 26, 1960, Editorial

May 26, 1960: Spy satellites will make the U-2 obsolete, The Times editorializes.