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Russia Shoots Down U.S. Spy Plane

May 6, 1960, Cover

May 10, 1960, U-2
May 10, 1960: A Lockheed engineer says this Soviet photo of the downed U-2 is a fake.

May 6, 1960, Spy Plane

May 6, 1960: Although the Soviets shot down a U-2 on May 1, the story didn’t appear in The Times until five days later. It’s particularly interesting to note that the paper treated this as a second-day story, even though there was no previous coverage.  I suspect this was in response to TV and radio reports, but that’s only a guess. 

50504395[1] Photograph by the Los Angeles Times 

Francis Gary Powers, who formerly piloted the CIA's U-2 spy plane, eyeballs traffic for KGIL-AM in 1973.

Pilot Francis Gary Powers was convicted and served nearly two years before being freed in February 1962 in exchange for spy Rudolf Abel. Powers eventually became a helicopter pilot for KNBC-TV Channel 4. He and his engineer, George Spears, died in an Aug. 1, 1977,  crash near a Little League field at 17500 Oxnard St. The helicopter was evidently out of gas, The Times said.

Newer, highly modified versions of the U-2 aircraft remain in service.

May 6, 1960, U-2

May 6, 1960, Analysis

May 6, 1960, Analysis


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The Reston Comment could have been written yesterday, in some alternative universe where journalists "report". The untold story going on as we communicate is the US STILL has NATO and non-Nato offensive US bases encircling Russia, smack on the border, as if to say "This is STILL '62, where the heck are YOU?" The Pentagon and the defense contractors who have never stopped benefitting from the enriching nutrients flowing from the teat of the American taxpayer have never stopped drooling to defeat, which means first threaten, still-nuclear power Russia, whether Communist or capitalist, it never really mattered.

Just goes to show the Cold War was a front for the same old game of blood and glory that is military global domination, which knows no specific nationality nor border. When ya gots the guns, ya rules the streets, or at least ya keeps pluggin' away until ya do.

Where are the James Restons today to educate the American people on the US' 800-some military bases in some 100+ countries, on every continent? The answer these days is JOURNALISTS NEED NOT APPLY, at least not without State Dept clearance first.

If you think that's a direct slam on the state of responsible journalism today, you hit the bullseye.


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