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Mystery Photo

May 15, 2010, Mystery Photo
Isn’t this a great photo? There’s a little story that goes with it.

Update: As everybody realized, this is an extremely casual Otis Chandler in one of the few pictures I’ve ever seen of him in which he’s not wearing a suit – and notice the beard. I found this unlabeled snapshot on a vacant desk after one of the rounds of layoffs and kept it because it showed a Duesenberg. It was only after I had it for a while that I realized it was Otis.  The photo was presumably taken at a car show, but I have no idea when or where, although the photo paper says that Kodak is a sponsor of the Olympic Games, narrowing the date to about 1984. 

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Comments (4)

Could this be the late (and much-missed) Otis Chandler?

Sure looks like Otis to me. But as I recall the Duesenburg he showed up in when he dined at Chasen's was dark in color. So maybe that isn't his Dusie in the photo, or maybe he had more than one. The one I remember was previously owned by comic Joe E. Brown of "Some Like It Hot" fame. Those were the days, my friend....

They've already gotten my answer, Otis Chandler.

Otis Chandler had a beautiful collection of automobiles. Part of what made them unique (and a bit controversial) was his refusal to completely restore them (make them look showroom new) He felt that the "patina" of the car should be retained (scratches, cracks, and all). I think that says a lot about him. By the way, Jay Leno has been known to keep some of the cars in his collection "intact" as well.


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