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Matt Weinstock, May 28, 1960

May 28, 2010 |  3:48 pm

May 28, 1960, Comics
"Since When Does a Boy Brag About a Girl Out o' Respect for Her Brains??"

May 28, 1960: John Steinbeck writes an essay in Esquire about life in Pacific Grove during the Depression. Matt Weinstock adds a bit about his own experiences in Los Angeles.

DEAR PESTERED: The next time he calls, tell him you do not want to go out with him any more. And don't feel sorry for him, no matter what he says, because if you date him again, you'll be back where you started from. This man sounds possessive, jealous and childish. And people who react favorably to being treated “dirty” are also a little sick, Abby says.

May 28, 1960, Matt Weinstock

May 28, 1960, Abby