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Man Gets 20 Days for Hitting Physicist Edward Teller With Pie

May 24, 1980, Teller


May 24, 1980: Jerry Rubin (no, not the Chicago 7 Jerry Rubin) gets 20 days in jail for hitting Edward Teller in the face with a cream pie during a UCLA lecture.

On the jump, the Soaps column by the late Jon-Michael Reed (d. 1986) with the latest on GH and Y&R! 

May 24, 1980, Soaps

May 24, 1980, Teller

May 24, 1980, Teller

May 24, 1980, Teller
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Comments (2)

Shades of "Dr Strangelove" with the pie in the face.

I met Dr. Teller when I was in high school in 78 or 79. I hope this fellow went for the full 20 days and I hope he carried more than one @$$whipping from it, too.

Even then, Dr. Teller was an elderly fellow and did a lot to save and protect this country from those Communist b@st@rds who would like to dictate the way everyone lives their lives.


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