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Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and ‘Easy Rider’


Aug. 10, 1969: Charles Champlin on “Easy Rider.” "Fonda and Hopper, it should by this time go without saying, give immense performances: Hopper as the more traditional 'Hey, man' Rider impatient, self-indulgent, fearful of anything that looks like commitment; Fonda as something more of a bridge figure, sensitive and perceptive, hung up on his awareness that neither road nor establishment have all the answers or all the problems. He is at last unambiguously tragic, discovering and experiencing the truth that the freedom of the road may well only be another kind of evasion and captivity."

Aug. 10, 1969, Easy Rider
Aug. 10, 1969, Easy Rider

Aug. 8, 1969, Easy Rider

 Aug. 10, 1969, Easy Rider

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