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Youth Attacks Girl With Ax

April 29, 2010 |  1:26 am

April 29, 1910, Etta Lumsden

E. 4t5th Street

East 45th Street, via Google maps’ street view.

April 30, 1910, Frank Allen

April 29, 1910: A mother finds her teenage daughter unconscious and bleeding after being struck in the head, and police question Frank Allen, a “boy of peculiar habits,” who lives next door.

"Allen showed many marks of the youthful degenerate," The Times says. "He is fairly tall for his age, narrow through the shoulders. His face is rather thin, and only the ruddy color from work in the open serves to hide the marks of viciousness. The boy's eyes appear very tired, and the lids and corners are wrinkled. His face shows weakness. The under lip is set back considerably from the upper one, and the face recedes abruptly until there is little or no chin, and even this is cleft by a great dimple. The skin is drawn and pimply."

The youth (he was apparently 14, although his age varies in stories) was sent to the Preston State School of Industry at Ione until he turned 21. The Times said the victim recovered from her injuries, but name never again appears in the paper.

April 29, 1910, Etta Lumsden

April 30, 1910, Frank Allen

April 30, 1910: Frank Allen admits the attack.

April 30, 1910, Frank Allen

June 12, 1910, Frank Allen

June 10, 1910: Frank Allen is sentenced to the Preston State School of Industry.