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Vernon Hog Farmer Accused of Ignoring L.A. Garbage Laws

April 7, 1910, Garbage Suit

April 7, 1910: A century ago, hogs were fed garbage, and if you had a lot of hogs, you needed lots of garbage. What better way to get it than what was discarded from Los Angeles restaurants?  P.J. Durbin, a hog raiser in Vernon, scoffed at a contract awarded to Charles Alexander and the new city regulation requiring that garbage be taken five miles from the city. As a result, one of his drivers was charged with collecting garbage without a permit, the other with using a wagon that didn’t meet sanitary standards. 

April 7, 1910, Garbage Fight


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If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times -- you just can't trust a Vernon hog farmer.


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