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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, April 30, 1960

April 30, 2010 |  1:45 pm

April 30, 1960, Mirror

Mash Notes and Comment

Paul Coates    "Dear Paul:

    "You touched my heartstrings the other day when you mentioned in your column that you love tapioca.

    "I myself am willing to do anything to help bring back tapioca.  In fact, I have a couple of original recipes which use it.

    "The first is beer pie:

    "Prepare crumb crust, but with crumbled pretzels instead of graham crackers.  Pour a can of beer into a sauce pan.  Stir in three tablespoons of minute tapioca.  Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to full, rolling boil.  Remove from heat and let stand 15 minutes.

    "Pour into unbaked pretzel crust, sprinkle top with one-half cup of crushed peanuts.

    "When thoroughly cool, decorate with softened cream cheese squeezed through pastry tube, serve cold, garnished with green olives and thin slices of dill pickle.

April 30, 1960, Coed
    "Paul, I don't like this pie because it tastes just like beer, but I have another recipe for apple pie which I made with oranges one day because I didn't have any apples . . ." (signed) Mr. S. P., 6060 Rutland Ave., Arlington.

    --Eighty-six that man, baker.  He's eaten one too many.


    (Press Release) "He was the Pocket Tarzan who slept in a purple room.

    "She was the Royal Rebel who put salt in her sister's tea and tapioca in her bath water.

    "Some would say that Anthony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret were a perfectly matched pair of non-conformists.

    "But will their madcap antics lead to problems? . . ."  (signed) Look Magazine, New York City.

    --Not if Anthony feels the way I do about tapioca.


    (Newsletter)  "Vagabonding with Vanderbilt:

    "WINTER PARK, Fla., . . . Near here is Orlando, a city of more than 125,000 people.  And near its industrial area is located one of the five immense plants of the Martin Co., the globe-circling flier of yesteryear.

    "The Martin Co. in Orlando used to build airplanes but, today, it builds mostly missiles, rockets and space systems.

    "It is surprised by W.T. Willey, a hard-working, red-faced executive who hails from Canada . . . His boss is George Bunker, chairman of the board of the Martin Co., whom I had met in the nation's capital awhile back.

    "The Martin Co. in Orlando builds the La Crosse, the Bullpup, the White Lance and the Pershing missiles.  In addition, it constructs the Missile-Master-System, a device which picks up guided missiles several hundred miles away.

    "All the details of these things, however, are top secret, and I couldn't write about them, anyway, because I know little about such things.

    "In any case, I didn't see them for I wasn't taken through the plant as I had expected to be before coming up here, presumably for lunch with Mr. Willey.

Candidate Has Priority

    "Unfortunately, however, something went wrong with the prearranged plans and I was left cooling my heels in the outer lobby of the Martin Co. for a couple of hours whilst Mr. Willey entertained the GOP candidate for governor of Florida, an anachronism if there ever was one, as Florida has never had a Republican governor!

    "Instead of lunch, I ate a Whopper-Burger at a hamburger stand en route back to town!

    "But, suffice it to say, the Martin Co. of Orlando has one of the most unique lobbies I have ever seen.  It is 33 feet high and resembles a modernistic church in Denmark, or so Messrs,  Bergstrom and Blaney, its architects, advised me.

    "It is paneled in natural color birch plywood; the attractive drapes are 31 feet long and are the longest in existence in the state . . . The comfortable lobby chairs are purple and maroon.  In the ante lobby there are four cream colored bridge tables with four bright orange Eames chairs . . . "  (signed) Neil Vanderbilt, Box 654, Reno, Nev.

    --That Whopper-Burger, tovarish.  Get us the blueprints.