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On the Road With Linda Ronstadt, April 20, 1980


April 20, 1980, Linda Ronstadt

April 20, 1980: Linda Ronstadt tells Robert Hilburn, “A lot of musicians mistakenly think you're supposed to know everything about your craft at age 18 just because a couple of geniuses, like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, seem to have it all together at that age. They don't accept the fact that most of us need time to develop our skills.

“The result for me was that I always used to worry because I didn't think I could sing well enough. Looking back, I realize I just didn't know enough about singing to be satisfied. I've finally realized that this is what I do for a living and that I do it pretty well.”

April 20, 1980, Linda Ronstadt

April 20, 1980, Linda Ronstadt

April 20, 1980, Linda Ronstadt
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Great voice and always a "bodacious hot babe." Also known as Jerry Brown's "Really big loss."


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