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The Further Adventures of 'Obi-Whatever-His-Name-Was'

April 27, 1980, Alec Guinness

April 27, 1980, Alec Guinness

April 27, 1980: Sir Alec Guinness says, "I don't know what advantages there are to getting older except perhaps learning to pare down one's performance; learning to cut out the flourishes. That's what I'm always trying to do. Occasionally, I'm afraid, I overdo it and become positively bleak. I hate anyone watching me on a film set for this reason. If I appear to be simply standing there doing nothing, they're always so disappointed."

April 27, 1980, Alec Guinness

April 27, 1980, Alec Guinness

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Alec Guinness was the antithesis of bleak.

Especially loved those tight little comedies he made for Ealing Studios in the Fifties. Every performance of his was a thing of beauty. Although George Lucas lacks the directorial hand for actors (though a master of the mechanics of the process), Guinness made even the Jedi interesting.


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