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Cannibals Eat Presbyterian Missionaries

April 30, 1910. Cover

April 30, 1910: I’ve seen lots of peculiar stories in the old papers, but this is the first account I have ever read of cannibals eating missionaries, in this case the Rev. Horatio Hopkins and the Rev. Hector Laurie McPherson of the Presbyterian Polynesian Mission.  There’s also a story about white slavery in New York and a violent strike in Mount Vernon, Ill. Quite a news day.

On the jump, a wife stabs her neglectful husband in the back with a paring knife during an argument, but he forgives her. It’s only a flesh wound, after all.

April 30, 1910, Stabbing

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And thus was born generations of New Yorker cartoons: "I like missionary, but missionary doesn't like me."


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