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Those Dodger Bugles

April 7, 2010 |  9:52 am

April 7, 1960, Danny Goodman

April 7, 1960: Danny Goodman knew how to sell baseball fans anything. He worked with the Hollywood Stars of the old Pacific Coast League and kept selling when the Dodgers moved to L.A.

April 7, 1960, Danny Goodman

"This is the greatest gimmick town in America," he told The Times' Jeane Hoffman. "For the past two years we've done more business than any park in the United States. Nobody is even close."

Bugles used by fans to play "Charge" was the big seller during the Dodgers' World Series run. For 1960, Goodman and the Dodgers were selling everything from money clips to transistor radios, which he thought would be the season's best seller.

"Blame that on Vince Scully," said Goodman. That's not my typo; he really was referred to as Vince. "People wanted to hear him at the game so they started carrying radios. Score one for Scully!"

--Keith Thursby